Infrared communication module, 5m, I2C /UEXT
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Infrared communication/remote module, 5m, I2C /UEXT

Infrared communication module

  • 3.3v logic
  • Protocols : RC5 @ 36 KHz, SIRCS @ 40 KHz
  • I2C interface
  • 5M max
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Mod-IRDA+ : infrared communication over I2C

This I2C module do allows your project to communicates over a short distance (~5m) through infrared. As it implements RC5 & SIRCS protocols (see details below), this module can be used to receives data from a Sony / Philips remotes or can act like one of thoses remotes.

Advanced user can use two modules to establish a bidirectionnal infrared communication link to automate communication between two smart devices (the SIRCS would help to support this data exchange).

The module is fit with a sensitive IR receiver and a high efficiency IR LED. That combination of components will help in having a reliable transmission (communication) up to 5 meters.

This module expose an I2C interface, so it can be used with many microcontroler and nano computer in 3.3V logic (arduino nano, raspberry-pi, pico, Pyboard, etc). Olimex offers Arduino IDE code example.

The UEXT connector allows to quickly plug the module on UEXT capable devices... otherwise just use some Dupont wire to make the needed connexions.

More information on the manufacturer product's sheet.

For each order, you will receive an IRDA+ module with UEXT cable.

Supported IR protocols

Thanks to its microcontoler, this module can support the following protocols:

  • RC5

RC5 protocol

Also called RC-5, this binary protocol was created by Philips and was designed to control audio-visual devices (tv, compact disc reader, VHS, HiFi device, etc). This protocole do use a 36 KHz carrier wave to sent commands encoded on 6 bits (0..63) to a devices having an address encoded over 5 bits (0..31). This would make a total of 32*64 = 2048 combinations.

More information on Wikipedia.

SIRCS protocol

Also called Cntrl-S, this protocol wad created by Sony to remote control its devices. It do use a 40 KHz carrier wave to send command over 7 bits (0..127) to a device having an address encoded on 5 bits stretchable to 13 bits (0..31 stretchable to 8191).

More information on Wikipedia.

Technical details

  • IR sensitive receiver (RPM7236-R series), allows communication up to 5 meter distance
  • PIC16F1503 loaded with firmware for easier usage
  • Highly efficient IR LED
  • ISP header that allows uploading custom firmware or downloading firmware updates
  • I2C access to the firmware of the module over the UEXT connector
  • Open software and open hardware
  • Nominal dimensions: 40.0 x 20.0 mm
  • PCB dimensions: 31.5 x 17.0 mm


Data sheet
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