MOD-LED8x8RGB : matrice LED RGB 8x8
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MOD-LED8x8RGB : 8x8 RGB LED matrix

MOD-LED8x8RGB : Large 8x8 RGB LEDs matrix

  • 36 RGB LEDs
  • Serial Protocol (Data,Latch,Sck)
  • Stackable by design
  • 60 x 60mm
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A chainable 8x8 LEDs RGB matrix easy to assemble and to drive

This 6cm square matrix is made of RGB LED that can be driven with SPI interface and a quite simple open-source protocole (made public by Olimex).

The matrix can be daisy chained together to creates a bigger display. As the RGB LEDs can be driven individually, each pixel can displays 7 colors (red, green, blue and combinations). The LEDs are not driven with PWM controler, so the number of colors availables on the matrix is limited to 7 colors.

Olimex did create the Arduino code to support this matrix and MC Hobby did make a MicroPython portage of it. As the protocol to transfert the data is simple, it can be adapted to other MicroControler and programming langage.

Technical details

  • 36x RGB LEDs on a 8x8 matrix
  • LEDs controled via SPI through a pre-programmed PIC16F1503
  • Separate power supplied of 5V DC (either from host board or externally).
  • Works with data signal at 3.3V
  • Easy to stack/chain multiple ones to build any LED matrix
  • Library & demo for Arduino made by Olimex
  • Library & demo for MicroPython made by MC Hobby
  • ICSP pads available for uploading custom firmware in PIC16F1503 (as needed)
  • UEXT capable to connect to device or host microcontroller (organised in a row)
  • Dimensions: 60.0 x 60.0 mm
  • 4 mounting cuts for firm positioning
  • Schematic (Olimex, pdf)
Data sheet