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MOD-RFID1356 MIFARE : NFC / RFID Mifare reader


  • NFC / MiFare @ 13.56 MHz
  • USB Interface (USB mini).
  • Emulation USB HID Keyboard.
  • Emulation USB CDC serial port.
  • UART Interface.
  • UEXT connector

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Make RFID tag reading easy with a RFID reader fitted with microcontroler offering various communication interface

MOD-RFID1356MIFARE can read and write NFC / MIFARE RFID tags operating at 13.56Mhz. MOD-RFID1356MIFARE uses NXP PN532 to read and write NFC / MIFARE RFID cards. The board design features an additional second microcontroller to expands the ways to communicate with the host device - it adds 3 possibilities: USB HID keyboard, USB CDC serial communication and UART serial at CMOS levels for boards with UEXT.


  • Easy to integrate with any computer or board with USB host capabilites
  • Comes with custom firmware with easy-to-access modes of oparation and convenient commands
  • Emulates USB HID keyboard
  • Emulates USB CDC serial port
  • Connects to any board via the UART at the UEXT connector
  • Easy to update the firmware without the need of external tools
  • Large antenna
  • Two LEDs
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions: 90 mm x 47 mm


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