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LTR501 light & proximity sensor , UEXT connector


UEXT module with LTR501 light sensor

  • Lux detection
  • Proximity detection (up to 10cm)
  • LED controler and IR Led included
  • I2C Interface

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A light sensor (linear lux) or proximity sensor

MOD-LTR501ALS offer a linear response between 2 lux to 64000 Lux in visible light spectrum. The sensor also offer a high resolution mode between 0.01 lux and 320 lux.
Very useful to measure ambiant light in the garden, studio, camera room, etc.

The sensor also offer an IR proximity sensor able to detect objects at a distance up to 10 cm. The IR LED use a pulse mode and the light sensor is immunised against UV and IR light.

The sensor can be used in two dynamic range:

  • dynamic gain for range 2 Lux to 64.000 Lux (default config.)
  • dynamic gain for range 0.01 Lux to 320 Lux.

The 2 lux to 64k lux is suitable for an usage under high ambient light.

Advance feature of the sensor

As mentionned in the technical datasheet, the proximity sensor offers object detection feature with distances configured by the user (feature not implemented in the library but mentionned in the manufacturer datasheet).
The LTR501 also offers interrupt functionnality (cf. datasheet) which eliminate the needs for sensor pooling.

You will need to implement the feature in the libraries, the module expose additional connexion points if you want to use those advanced features.
The library only offers reading feature as it respond to UEXT connector specification.

Technical details

Light Sensor

  • Close to human eye spectral response
  • Immunity to IR / UV Light Source
  • Automatically rejects 50 / 60 Hz lightings flicker
  • Full dynamic range from 2 lux to 64k lux
  • High resolution range from 0.01 lux to 320 lux
  • 16-bit effective resolution

Proximity Sensor

  • Built-in LED driver, emitter and detector
  • Programmable LED drive settings
  • 11-bit effective resolution
  • High ambient light suppression


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