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10 KOhms breadboard potentiometer


10K Linear Potentiometer for breadboard

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Potentiometer of 10K Ohms linear for breadboard

This model has several interesting features for prototyping with Arduino type platforms.

  1. It has a comfortable size adjustment button and a position indicator (an arrow).
    It is therefore adjustable without requiring the use of a screwdriver. The position indicator is also a very practical element.
  2. Adjustment from 0 to 10 KOhm on 3/4 of a turns :-)
  3. It has a 2.54 mm impaction, which makes it compatible with the various prototyping plates (including breadboards :-) ).
  4. The connection pins are located under the potentiometer, the placement is perfect on breadboard and leaves the adjustment button accessible.
  5. The connection pins are 6mm long, which ensures perfect contact on your test boards. 

Already widely used in the various Arduino kits, this potentiometer is an accessory product whose qualities allow it to be used immediately, easily and without prior preparation.

As small as it is, it's "A must"!


  • Maximum temperature: 125°C
  • Minimum temperature: -55°C
  • Number of turns: 1
  • Power: 0.5 W
  • Depth: 9.53mm
  • Height: 10.41mm
  • Width: 9.53mm
  • Resistance: 10kΩ
  • Technology: Cermet
  • Tolerance: 10%
  • Type: Trimmer
  • Mounting: Through Hole


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