5 x wide tactile button (12mm)
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5 x wide tactile button (12mm)

5 x tactile button (wide) 12mm

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Tactile buttons are commonly used to create basic input interface (you wire them on pins configured as input).

Those tactile buttons makes 12mm WIDE. Using larger buttons is quite convenient for workshop and kids interface. There are a really common item of electronic project.
This kind of button in twice as much wider than a standard tactile button (sized to 6mm), so they take more place on a breadboard. In the other hand, they are more confortable to use.

Those buttons are compatible with breadboard (2.5mm pitch) and prototyping plate (like the "PermaProto" prototyping plate)

The button offer a "Normally Open" (NO) contact. Which means that no current flows inside the button unless you press it down. The contact stays closed and allows the current to flow inside it when it is pressed. Then the current stops to flow when the button is released. It is a momentary button.

For each order, you will receive 5 buttons. They are quite useful so it is a good idea to keep some of them available in your toolbox.

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