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Standard Servo SG5010


Standard Servo Motor SG-5010 (0 to 180°, identical to Tower Pro SG5010).

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A standard sized servo motor with higher torque

The TowerPro SG 5010, is a standard Hobbyist servo motor with an identical mold to the Futaba 3010 (the SG 5010 is a good copy).  

With the SG90, it is one of the most used servo motors in the world of model making. This is also the model available in the motor assortment + motor shield.

Still light with its 35 grams and its amplitude of 180°, it will be ideal to animate your robotic/home automation projects from a micro-controller such as Arduino.
Its robust torque of 8Kg/cm at 4.8V (11Kg/cm at 6V) make it an element of choice!

Its standard 3-wires Graupner plug (see tutorial section) and its 5-Volt supply voltage make the Tower Pro directly usable on an Arduino. Indeed, the servo.h library available in the default installation of Arduino IDE is largely sufficient to control the TowerPro. 

Note: Our product pictures do not yet take Graupner colors (Brown, Red, Yellow) for the cable. This does not change the characteristics of the product. 


  • Delivered with 4 different spreaders, screw and fixing rubber
  • Standard dimensions: 40mm x 20mm x 36.5mm identical to the futaba 3010
  • Little noisy, double ball bearing.
  • Weight: 38 grammes
  • Speed: 0.11 sec/60° at 6v (category High Speed)
  • Torque: 8kg/cm at 4.8v, 11kg/cm at 6v !!!
  • Voltage: 3.5v to 8.4v
  • Plug: Standard 3-wires Graupner
  • Cable: 30 cm
  • Amplitude: from 0 to 180°
  • Motor: Coreless, efficiency ~90%
  • Temperature: de -30 to 60 °C
  • Compatible Arduino


  • Tutorial Servo for Arduino on the Wiki of MCHobby.
    It explains how to connect and control the servo motor from an Arduino.
  • Tutoriel Servo  for MicroPython PyBoard
  • Internet is full of examples using the TowerPro SG5010.
    Just type "SG5010" or "SG90" in a Google search...


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