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[T] - Bloc d'alimentation 12V DC 1A


Power supply - continuous current (DC)

  • 12V
  • 1A

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12V wall power supply with standard Jack connector

This compact power supply is an ideal item to run your projects wherever you've access to an electrical plug. Its properly polarized Jack plug allows connection immediately to your Arduino (positive center) without having to worry about polarity.  

If a 9V external power supply is generally suitable for Arduino mounts, the 12 volt voltage delivered by this block is particularly suitable for projects using equipment from the automotive world (see light buttons), LED strips assemblies (medium length) or motor assemblies. 

The voltage regulator of the Arduino board having its limits (as much by its voltage of 5 volts as by its current of 0.2Amp) this block will allow the realization of montages requiring a little more "punch". In this case, a higher voltage and a larger current are often the good comes. So you'll be able to use powerful circuits connected to the vIn pin to benefit from the 12 volts of the power supply.  

Technical details:

  • The output voltage 12 volts
    High efficiency.
  • The maximum current delivered is 1A.
  • Protection against short-circuits, overload and overvoltage.
  • Input voltage 100-240v AC, 0.4A, 50/60Hz.
  • Low consumption @ no load ( < 0.1W)
  • + <-----o )------> -
    Positive center
  • Jack:
    • Outside diameter: 5.5mm
    • Inside diameter: 2.1mm


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