Pico WH (Wireless, RP2040)  - 2 cores + Wifi + Bluetooth - with connectors
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Pico WH (Wireless, RP2040) - 2 cores + Wifi + Bluetooth - with connectors

Max 5 items per pre-order (delivery commencing end of August)

Raspberry-Pi Pico Microcontoler

  • Wireless version (WiFi & Bluetooth)
  • RP2040 Cortex M0+ @ 133 MHz, 2 cores
  • 2 MBytes Flash
  • 265 KBytes SRAM
  • 30x GPIO @ 3.3V (26 freely available)
  • 6x ADC 12bits
  • 16x PWM
  • 2x UART, 2x I2C, 2x SPI
  • SWD debug port
  • WITH Connector
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The Raspberry-Pi Pico Wireless : dual core RP2040 

with WiFi - WITH header

Here is the second microcontroler from the Raspberry-Pi foundation: the RP2040 + Wifi. It is a Dual core Cortex-M0+ running at 133 Mhz supported by 2 MB of Flash (QSPI). The RP2040 does have 256 KB of RAM (~265Kio), which is a lot of memory for a microcontoler.

This new platefom does fits a CYW43439 WiFi + Bluetooth module from Infineon. It brings the 802.11 b/g/n wifi support and Bluetooth 5.2.

Please note: at launch (juin 2022) the Bluetooth software support would not be ready yet.

Under MicroPython, the RP2040 reserve ~128KB of flash for the filesystem.

The 26 GPIOs availables on the board does offers lot of possibilities: 6 bus (2x I2C, 2x SPI, 2x UART) that can be attached on so many places on the GPIOs thanks to the bus fabric. Be reasurred, MicroPython user will benefits from a default bus configuration. The RP2040 also provides up to 16 PWM channel, all the GPIOs are PWM capable. The board also feature 3 analog inputs (12 bits resolution, 500.000 samples per second).

The board doesn't fit SD card but the RP2040 does have a SDIO interface. The most advanced user could create a VGA interface (as described in the conception with RP2040 manual, see details on pico.raspberrypi.org).

Finally, the microUSB connector on RP2040 does support USB 1.1 Client/Host.

Brochage du RaspberryPi-Pico

Learn more

Just follow the link to the Pico W (Wireless) product sheet.


For each order, you will receive a Raspberry-Pi pico Wireless board with a soldered header on the GPIOs. Debug header not populated.

This product also exists without header.


Data sheet
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