Raspberry Pi 400 - FR - 4 Go
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Raspberry Pi 400 - Azerty FR - 4 Go

A Raspberry Pi 4 4Go + Keyboard all-in-one soltuion!

  • French Azerty FR Keyboard
  • 2x HDMI 4K
  • 4 cores 1.8 Ghz (ARMv8)
  • 4 Giga of RAM.
  • Wifi 2.4 & 5 Ghz
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ethernet Gigabit (900 Mb/s)
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 1x USB 2.0
  • GPIO 40 pins
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PI400 - the Raspberry-Pi tailored for educational and STEM  learning

This product is ship within AZERTY FR version

The Raspberry 400 is a wonderful piece of technology embedding a Raspberry-Pi 4 inside an official Raspberry-Pi keyboard.

Some DIY tentatives already placed a Pi A+ inside the keyboard, this time the foundation did something better by inserting a Raspberry Pi 4, 4Go de RAM inside the keyboard by keeping all the peripheral availables in the back of the keyboard... a Raspberry-Pi made for IT technology learning, electronic programming and wich is easy to ship.

The good new is that the Pi400 inherits from the Raspberry-Pi 4 which offer many advantages as the support for Raspberry-Pi OS and acces to the many software availables .

Ports du Raspberry-Pi 400

The Pi400 offers the following comnexions:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 2 (the other USB 2 is used for the keyboard)
  • 2x USB 3 (great for Hard Drive and other high speed periphérals)
  • 2x port HDMI micro
  • The GPIO (great for prototyping)
  • The MicroSD slot is available next to the GPIO and is still used for the operating system. This is a push-push connector, you will need to push on the SD card to activate the eject mecanism.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth as the introduced since Pi3 is still available on the Pi 400, the antenna is placed on the bottom left part of the GPIO.
  • A Kensington anti-thief opening on the back of the keyboard (The Pi400 is quite easy to bring off the desk).

The Pi400 also have a On/Off switch directly available on the keyboard.

Pi 400 Marche/Arret
Note: this product is shipped in AZERTY FR layout

Pi 400 and cooling

As the PI400 is based on the Raspberry-Pi 4 we can expect some heat emission as with any Pi 4.

Dissipateur de chaleur du PI400

PTo manage heat extraction, the foundation did place the "giant" heat sink plate between the PI400 board and the keyboard.

After several hours of normal work, the PI400 didn't seems to increase in temperature as we are typing on the keyboard.

Pi 400 and DIY prototyping

The Pi400 is not designed to create embeded systems (you will not see it on wheel's based robotic plateform) andwill be suited for learning session and STEM discovery.

The Pi400 will be a great device for electronic prototyping and GPIO based automated project. A simple GPIO adapter cable will make the prototyping really confortable with HATs and electronic (ex: sense-hat, PiFace Digital 2, etc).

GPIO prototyping avec Pi400

Note: this product is shipped in AZERTY FR layout

You can also use the expansion board for Pi400 . This board will greatly helps in experimenting electronic. Every GPIO Pin are labelled and accessible. The PI400 expansion board is very useful and affordable!

Pi400 & Home Assistant

Please note that Home Assistant (HASS) is currently not compatible with the Pi400 (but can be used used with Pi 4).


For each order, you will receive a Raspberry-Pi 400 AZERTY FR version assembled and tested.

To use this product, you will need the following items:

Legal documents

Raspberry Compatibility
Pi 400
4 GB
CPU Frequency
1.8 GHz
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