PI T-Cobbler PLUS + EXTRA + Ribon - prototyping for Raspberry PI
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PI T-Cobbler PLUS + EXTRA + Ribon - prototyping for Raspberry PI

T cobbler for Raspberry Pi - perfect for Raspberry-Pi electronic prototyping

  • All Raspberry-Pi models
  • 2x20 pins
  • With some electronic components (in EXTRA)
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Easy electronic prototyping with the Raspberry-Pi by using the T-Cobbler

If you are looking at this data sheet, you probably have Raspberry-Pi, on hand and you want to explore its prototyping possibilities offered by the GPIO 40 pin (since the Raspberry Pi 2).

You are probably itchy by creating some projects using embedded computing. What you need is a Pi Cobbler PLUS from Adafruit, this one allows you to have the 40 pins of the GPIO of Raspberry Pi on a breadboard and/or prototyping plate.
The Pi Cobbler is part of the Breakout board family because it gives you easy access to the various signals of the Raspberry Pi such as power, GPIO, I2C and SPI pins.

This mini kit allows you to cobbling together and super easily prototypes with a Pi.

The T Cobbler PCB card has a silkscreen identifying all the pins! This allows you to focus on your mountings without having to keep in memory (or print on your desk) the Raspberry Pi GPIO pinout.
We are convinced that this increases the pleasure of tinkering with a Raspberry because the risks of error are clearly limited.

Designed for any Raspberry Pi (since the Pi 2 included).


The Pi T-Cobbler is delivered with:

  • A 40-wire GPIO ribbon,
  • A specially designed PCB for this application including a connector and pin header.
  • The Pi T-Cobbler PLUS
  • extra: a red LED
  • extra: a green LED
  • extra: two resistors of 330 Ohms (Orange, Orange, Brown)
  • extra: a push button + 1 resistance 10 KOhms

Once ready, place the breakout board in a breadboard, connect the ribbon of wire and connect the other end to your Raspberry Pi.

Be careful, this kit only contains one 40-wire ribbon, the PCB card with the cable connector and the pinheader and the items listed above. The Raspberry Pi, breadboard, wires for breadboard, cables, components (other than LEDs and resistors), cases, power supply, etc are not included! We have many of these items in stock on our WebShop.


If the PCB of the T-Cobbler has a polarizer, this is not the case of the GPIO port of the Raspberry Pi.

It is therefore necessary to pay attention and to connect the grey ribbon with the red wire on the side of the pin 1.
If you have a ribbon of black wires, it is the white wire that must be placed on the P1 pin side.

In other words, the red wire (or white if black ribbon) on the side of the SD card, as shown on our product pictures.


  • Raspberry Pi tutorials in French (Wiki of MC Hobby)
    Easy to start with Raspberry PI, Cobbler, LED control, etc.
Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W, Pi 3A, Pi 3B+, Pi 4, Pi 400, Pi 5, Zero 2 W
Interface : Connector