Pack de composant pour MicroPython PyBoard
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[T] - Kit Découverte MicroPython (PyBoard Inclus)

PyBoard Micro Python learning and experimentation Kit - Very complete with online documentation available in French. A must to discover Micro Python PyBoard.  

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A learning and discovery kit around Micro Python

Interested in creating smart objects and projects with a Micro Python PyBoard but you don't know where to start? 

This component pack includes parts to make 10 different montages and has a French online documentation including mounting schema, sample code, advice and everything you need to start playing with your PyBoard from the first minutes . And without the need to weld!  

This is a kit including a PyBoard + PyBoard connector ALREADY WELDED and a set of components.

With the component pack, you can learn to control the inputs/outputs of your PyBoard, use analog sensors by reading temperature and light detection, control a relay and motor, create colors with a RGB LED... and many other things.

Since PyBoard was developed by Damien to carry out robotic projects, we have also included an H-bridge in the components, allowing you to discover the basics of continuous motor control for robotic platform (two-motor control in both directions :-) ).

What is Micro Python

Micro Python is a fast, optimized and lightweight version of the Python 3 embedded system programming language.

PyBoard, the Micro Python board is a small electronic board that runs Micro Python in "Bare Metal" and offers you a low-level Python operating system to control all kinds of electronic projects.   
By opening the Micro Python range, MCHobby begins its 4th documentation project on its wiki.

Python is very easy to learn scripting language, very expressive, very powerful and has a huge community.  

Come and discover the product sheet of the Micro Python PyBoard.

The tutorials attached to the kit

Our Wiki is full of tutorials for Micro Python PyBoard, which will familiarize you with its environment and its possibilities before you start the first electronic mounts. 

Among our 35+ tutorials, we have created electronic hacking tutorials especially edited for this kit. 

Click here to access the PyBoard Discovery Kit tutorials.

  • 1 external LED
    Plug in your first LED on the PyBoard and control it there.
  • 8 LEDs
    Control several LEDs to make a chase.
  • Button
    Plug in a button on your PyBoard.
  • Servo Motor
    Control servo motors in Micro Python. Some commands to position an axis on a given angle.
  • Brightness of a LED
    Control the brightness of a LED or have it pulse with a PWM signal.
  • Input suppression
    Tutorial why push buttons interfere with your inputs and how to fix them.  
  • Analog reading
    Perform an analog read on your PyBoard to read the voltage of a potentiometer.
  • Read the temperature with a TMP36
    Practice what you have learned about analog reading to read the temperature of a TMP36 temperature sensor. 
  • Photo-resistance
    Detect the presence or absence of light using a photo-resistor. Practice of analog reading.
  • Motor
    Learn how to use a P2N2222 transistor to control a energy-hungry peripheral like a continuous motor.
  • Relays
    Second application of the transistor to control a relay. With a relay, you will be able to control much more powerful peripherals.
    Learn how to create colors using a RGB LED (red,green,blue) and the PWM signal. 
  • Piezo Buzzer
    Produce sounds and melodies with Micro Python PyBoard.

Kit contents

The kit contains:

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