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Silicone Sleeve for MicroBit - Blue


Protect your Micro:Bit with a Kitten Silicone Sleeve

  • Silicone
  • Blue

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Le "Silicone Sleeve for MicroBit - Blue" n'inclut pas la carte principale Micro:bit V2 qui est vendue séparément.

Microbit starter kit

Micro:bit V2 - kit de démarrage

22,95 €

BLUE silicon sleeve protection for MicroBit

This sleeve is cutest cat face ever seen for Micro:Bit. This silicone sleeve does accessories and protect your Micro:bit board!

The super-soft silicone is strech enough to fit securely on the microbit while leaving openning for all the micro:bit interface (buttons, leds, pads). An extra white sleeve to protect the pads and an be remove to gives access to connects alligator clips.
The silicone over the LED matrix is thin so the LEDs shines through it and you can clearly see the icon (or text) displayed on the LED matrix.

The cute cat ears can also be used to used to hang your microbit and make it wearable. Co you can tote around your adorable, blinky micro:bit.

Available in different colors!


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