Automation:bit from Pimoroni
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Automation:bit from Pimoroni

Automation interface for Micro:Bit

  • 1 relay
  • 3 digital inputs (24V)
  • 3 digital outputs (24V, open collector)
  • 3 analog inputs (0 to 24V)
  • MakeCode / Block support
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Transform your Micro:bit into PLC with the Automation:bit

The Micro:bit is an extraordinary learning platform for discovering programming and information technology. Its numerous interfaces also make it an excellent learning tool for approaching the world of electronics.

Pimoroni offers us a new interface to transform the Micro:bit into a mini programmable controller (also called PLC). Thanks to Automation:bit, it is possible to control your environment and to connect different sensors.

Automation:bit offers digital inputs/outputs with tolerance up to 24V, a relay, analog inputs. It is therefore an great interface for controlling low voltage devices in the house.

To use the Automation:bit, all you have to do is plug it into your Micro:bit then use the blocks in MakeCode Editor (see tutorial section). Wire buttons into the inputs or operate the LED matrix as light sensor (I didn't know this was possible) to control external devices. It is also possible to use a second Micro:bit as a remote control.

24V maximum

Devices connected to the Automation:bit cannot exceed 24 Volts. So, do not connect this interface card to the power grid.
It is important to remember that the domestic power grid is dangerous to handle and any accidental contact will cause serious burns ... even death in the most tragic hurts.

Technical details

  • Completely assembled and tested before shipping
  • 1x relay 24V @ 2A (Normally Open & Normally Close contacts)
  • 3x Analog inputs 24V tolerant (ADC, 0-24V)
  • 3x Digital inputs 24V tolerant (buffered inputs)
  • 3x Open-collector output (24V tolerant, can be used to connect a load to the ground)
  • screw terminals
  • Micro:bit compatible
  • Support for Microsoft MakeCode
  • No soldering required :-)


To add the Automation:bit library with the MakeCode editor, click on the tooth-shaped icon (in the top right corner) then select "add a package". Enter the URL and append the library.
See the instructions "GitHub repository for the library" for more information.