CD4028B: 3-4 bits DCB to 8-10 decimal decoder - DIP 16
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CD4028B: 3-4 bits DCB to 8-10 decimal decoder - DIP 16

BCD-to-Decimal decoder

  • 3 to 18V
  • Inputs: 3 to 4 bits input
  • Outputs: 8 to 10 digital output (octal-decimal)
  • Logic Circuit

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BCD-to-Decimal décoder

The way this component work is more simple that you may think.
At start, the component look for the 4 bits binary value set on the input pins (so between 0 to  15, with 3 bits we can still encode from 0 to 7).
Next, from this decimal value decoded between 0 to 9, the component activates the corresponding output numbered from 0 to 9 (the output is set HIGH while the other outputs are LOW).

In retro computer, this component is used to selects/activates a given device based on 3 bits of a base address (eg: from 0xFFFAA0x to 0xFFFAA9x)

Technical details

  • 3 to 18V
  • Input: 3 to 4 bits
  • Output: 8 to 10 output I/O (octal-decimal)
  • Logic Circuit
  • DIP 16
  • CD4028BE Datasheet (pdf)

Data sheet