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EEPROM 256 Kbit (32 Kb), I2C, 24LC256



  • MicroChip 24LC256
  • 256 Kbits (32 Kio)
  • Interface I2C (100 et 400 KHz)
  • 1.7 à 5.5V
  • Ecriture 5ms

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A 32 Ko EEPROM (256 KBits) to save your data up to 200 years

The 24LC256-I/P is a 256 Kbit EEPROM (32Kio x 8bits), CMOS Serie running on I2C bus. This component car be used on a wide range of supply voltage (1,7 to 5,5V).

That EEPROM has been developped for advanced and low power applications (400µA in read, 1µA wait) that need to store or acquire data. The data to write can be buffered up to 64 bytes.

This device can make random write of séquential writes up to 256Kbit.

Thanks to the address lines, it is possible to use up to 8 devices on the I2C bus for a total of 256 Kio (on the same I2C bus) so up to 2Mbits.

Technical details

  • Self-Timed Erase/Write Cycle
  • Maximum write time per page 5ms
  • Hardware Write-Protect
  • Read current 400µA Max.
  • Sleep current 1µA Max.
  • I2C interface @ 100 & 400 KHz
  • Address bits (up to 8 devices)
  • Noise suppression (with Schmitt Trigger)
  • 1 million read/write cycle
  • Retention: +200 year
  • Datasheet (pdf)



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