TLC5940 - 16 Channel LED controler (in PWM)
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TLC5940 - 16 Channel LED controler (in PWM), constant current

LED controler - 16 channels

  • Constant current controleur
  • Adjustable PWM over 4096 position (per channel)
  • Serial Interface (Serial Data In + Serial Data Clock)
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A 16 channel LED controler with constant current generator and luminosity PWM control over 4096 positions

Here a great component for display pannel, retro-lightning, High intensity LED, monochrome LED displau and multi-color display.

Each channel can receive an adjustable luminosity in 4096 positions (also called grayscale) and a constant current controler tuning over 64 positions (also called DOT correction). Which allow a lot of possibilities with this controler.

The DOT correction allow you to adjust the LED matrix luminosity relatively to the other LED matrix around it. This value is stored inside the chip EEPROM (so it is not necessary to readjust it everytime the chip is powered on).

The IRef pin is used to give a reference for the current controler, that reference is applied to the whole 16 channel thanks to a single resistor.

Finally, the GrayScale information (PWM) and DOT correction data are send to the chip via a sérial interface using 3 pins:

  • SIN : Input data
  • SCLK : Signal d'horloge
  • XLAT : Latch (to apply the value from internal register to the channels)

Note: this is our last DIP package, next stock refurbish will be CMS components.

Technical details

  • 28 pins package
  • 16 Channels
  • Constant current controler
  • Correction d'intensité DOT avec stockage en EEPROM
  • Contrôleur PWM ajustable par canal (4096 niveau de gris)
  • Interface série: SIN, SCLK, XLAT
  • fiche technique (Texas Instrument, pdf)


Data sheet