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Economic Soldering Station - 48w Iron - 150 to 450°C View larger

Economic Soldering Station - 48w Iron - 150 to 450°C


  • 48W
  • 150°C-450°C, Adjustable
  • Economic soldering station
  • for occasional soldering / repairing

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If you are looking for a "first price" soldering station, this product would be appropriate if you are planning to make occasional soldering / repairing.
This iron is suitable for general electronic application and for reparing operations.
The LED indicates when the station is powered.

If you are considering a regular or intensive usage, we recommend to select an "higher grade" iron. An iron tailored for a more intensive usage.

Technical details

  • 48W Iron
  • Tip: diameter 1.2mm
  • Adjustable temperature: 150°C to 450°C
  • Power supply: 220-240 VAC
  • Weight: 0.59 Kg
  • Usage: occasional only

48W is a lot of power

We do recommend a lower "power" iron if you are starting with electronic soldering. A 15 Watt iron is perfect for starting (like our Weller SP15N and Weller SPI16). Remermber that the calorific power (15 Watt or 48 Watt) exchange heat power with the component you are trying to solder. The electronic components are not able to dissipate such quantity of power (from electronic point of view).
There is more risk to destroy (overheat) your components with à 48W iron than with a 15W iron. You will need to work faster with a 48W iron... to communicate less energy (quantity of heat) to the component.
This is the raison why we do recommend à 15W iron for beginner... this offer you more time to to solder the component before they overheat.


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