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FeatherWing Music maker - MP3, OGG, WAV, MIDI Synth



Music Maker for Feather

  • Audio reader for numeric format
  • MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MIDI, FLAC, WAV (PCM and ADPCM)
  • SPI interface

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Tranform your Feather in a MP3 player with the Music Maker FeatherWing

Play your audio files with the Adafruit Music Maker FeatherWing! It is the feather tailored formfactor of the Adafruit MP3 / Music Maker shield for Arduino! This extraordinary board is propelled by the VS1053 encoding/decoding (codec) chip. The VS1053 can decode various music file format like MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MIDI, FLAC, WAV (PCM and ADPCM) stored on the SD card. The VS1053 also bring advanced digital features like adjusting bass, treble and volume.

The board is controled through via the SPI interface so any Feather Board can control it and play audio from an SD card. There's also a special MIDI mode there are dozens of built-in drum and sample effects. The MIDI mode is selected at chip boot time and tranform it into that will read 'classic' 31250Kbaud MIDI data from the UART TX pin and act like a synth/drum machine!

Whoaaa! the FeatherWing Music Maker would a great musical add-on to your Feather! The music playback have been tested with Feather ATmega32u4, ATSAMD M0, ESP8266, WICED, Teensy 3, nRF52.

The MIDI playback will work with all Feathers BUT you will need to remove the Wing during programming. And also, for USB-Serial Feathers, like the ESP8266 and nRF52 you'll end up re-using the main Serial console for MIDI (which can be confusing).

Music Maker specifications:

  • Decodes format: Ogg Vorbis, MP3/MP2/MP1, MP4, AAC, WMA, FLAC, WAV/PCM, MIDI.
  • Stereo audio out : with audio filter caps and ground reference ! It can be safely connected to HiFi system, Powered speaker and headphones.
  • MicroSD card socket: support SD card at FAT16/FAT32 format (64MB and higher)
  • Built in MIDI synth/drum machine with dozens of instruments


For each order, you will receive the FeatherWing assembled and tested + 2 rows of connectors to connect your FeatherWing on your Feather (or plug it onto a breadboard). Headphones, SD card and Feather Board not included!

Technical details


  • As of Jan 2 2018 we're selling a slightly updated version with a pull-up resistor on the UART/MIDI pin which should help reduce intermittant UART input data (it is otherwise identical



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