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Dust and particle sensor - PM2.5

Particule sensor - PM2.5 GP2Y1010AU0F + extra

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Measuring air quality by estimating the particles and theirs concentration

The PM2.5 is an analog particle (dust and smoke) sensor with an output voltage of 0.5V per 0.1mg/m³.

Il existe de nombreux capteurs différents dont le prix varie de quelques euros à plus de 100 euro (détecteur avec Laser).

There are many different sensors whose price varies from a few euros to more than 100 euros (detector with Laser).

The quality of the "photosensitive" sensor directly influences the sensitivity of the measurement, while the wavelength of the light source will make it possible to measure more or less fine particles.
To fix the idea of this principle: a blind man is more likely to miss an orange (= fine particle) in front of him if he makes large movements (1.5m wide) with his cane.... whereas he would have no problem detecting it (hitting it) if he made 30 cm movements with his cane (which would then be faster).

This Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F sensor uses infrared light. Transmitter and sensor are placed diagonally to each other. The infrared sensor measures the amount of light reflected by dust and fumes.

This sensor can detect dust in the air and very fine particles such as cigarette smoke (dixit Sharp). It is even possible to distinguish between smoke and house dust by detecting pulse patterns of output voltage..

The typical applications of this sensor are:

  • air conditionning,
  • air quality sensor,
  • air purification


For each order, you will receive:

  • One PM2.5 GP2Y1010AU0F sensor (Dust Smoke Particle Sensor)
  • 6 wires connector (to plug on the sensorà brancher sur le capteur)
  • One 150 Ohms resistor
  • One 220µF electrolytic capacitor

Technical details

  • Compact: small in size 46 x 30 x 17.6mm
  • Low consumption: max 20mA
  • Smoke can be detected from the first photometric pulse.
  • Infrared LED controled by pulse (10ms cycle with a pulse width of 0.32ms)
  • The sensor does fit a variable resistance (Rs) used to adjust the sensitivity of amplifier circuitery.
    Modifying Rs can greatly alter the results... to change with great care.
  • Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F sensor datasheet (pdf)


Data sheet