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TSL2591 : Digital light sensor Lux/Luminosity



Digital light sensor measuring light over a wide Lux range.

  • 188 µLux to 88.000 Lux
  • I2C interface (Breakout & StemmaQT)
  • 3.3V - 5V

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Measure luminosity in Lux over the range of 188µLux and +88000 Lux with the TSL2591

This ultra-high-range luminosity sensor will allow you to measure any kind of luminosity. The TSL2591 is an advanced digital light sensor that is suited for a wide variety of light situations. This sensor is quite more precise than CdS cells. It can make exact lux calculations and be configured with different gain/timing ranges (also named integration time). With such options, the sensor can detect light  from 188 µLux up to 88.000 Lux.

That sensor includes infrared diode + full spectrum diodes! The TSL2591 can measure infrared light, full-spectrum light or human-visible light. Most sensors can only detect one or the other. With all this data capture, the TSL2591 can accurately represent what human eyes see. Indeed, the eye does not perceive the IR light which usually detected by most photo diodes. As the TSL2591 measure the both spectrum, he can substract IR from measurement and gives accurate result from human eye perspective. The TSL2591 is much like the TSL2561 but with a wider range.

This I2C sensor has a massive 600,000,000:1 dynamic range!

The current consumption is very low, so its great sensor for low power data-logging systems. The current is rated to ~0.4mA while acquiring dataand ~5 µA in power-down mode.

Technical details

  • Approximates Human eye Response
  • Extremely wide dynamic range 1 to 600,000,000 Counts
  • Lux Range: 188 µLux (0.000188 Lux) sensitivity, up to 88000 Lux.
  • Temperature range: -30 to 80 °C
  • Voltage range: 3.3-5V (onboard regulator)
  • Interface: I2C
  • I2C address: 0x29 and 0x28 (yes BOTH!)
  • Size: 19mm x 16mm x 1mm
  • Weight: 1.1 gr
  • TSL2591 datasheets (pdf)



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