GAZ sensor MQ-135 (NH3, NOx, CO2, etc)
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GAZ sensor MQ-135 (NH3, NOx, CO2, etc)

Senseur Gaz MQ135, MQ-135

  • Detects: NH3, NOx, Alcohol, Benzene, CO2, smokes, etc
  • 5V
  • 40mA
  • Analog output A0
  • Digital Output D0
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An analog air quality sensor (NOx, NH3, CO2) analogique

The MQ135 sensor can detect Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and many other compounds like alcohol, benzene, nitrogen oxide (NOx, Oxyde d'azote), Ammonia (NH3), smokes in the air. The concentrations in the air impact the analog ouputs voltage that can be read with a microcontroler. This sensor consumes around 40 mA at 5 V. Please read the MQ135 datasheet (185k pdf) for more information about the sensor.

Connecting 5 volts to the VCC Pin, the ground to the GND Pin and you can read the output voltage on the A0 output Pin. The board also has a pot to adjust the thresold. When the output voltage reach the thresold then the state of the digital pin D0 is changed.


For each order, you will receive the MQ-135 gaz sensor assembled on the board.


Create your own carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc sensor would be a great experience. However, keep in mind that such home made equipement could not be used to ensure your own safety. Commercial sensors must follow very strict specifications and are tested with care.
We recommand to use such sensor for experiment, learning and data recording. It's use in commercial product or "life care" is not allowed.


  • Easy to drive
  • Type: MQ-135
  • Gaz : carbon dioxide (CO2), Alcohol, Amonia (NH3), Benzene, Smoke, NOx
  • Detection area: see technical datasheet
  • MQ135 datasheet


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