Component pack for book "Python, Raspberry Pi et Flask"
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Component pack for book "Python, Raspberry Pi et Flask"

Component pack for the book:

  • "Python, Raspberry Pi & Flask" (French book)
    Capture telemetric data and create WEB dashboard
  • Content components from the book to experiment ESP8266 wiring and testing.
  • For the Makers, developper, curious about electronic prototyping
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Component pack around the ESP8266 for the book "Python, Raspberry Pi et Flask"

This component pack is related to the French book "Python, Raspberry Pi et Flask".

Pack content

  • Feather ESP8266 Huzzah - certified  ESP8266 module assembled on a prototyping plateforme with the Feather FormFactor (a new standard for microcontroler's embeded project).
    Plateforme Feather ESP8266 (ESP-12) d'Adafruit
  • MCP23017 is a component used to add up to 16 inputs/outputs on a microcontroler.
  • ADS1115 is used to add 3.3v analog inputs on a ESP8266.
  • BME280 is a barometric pressure sensor but it can also measure the temperature and humidity. A swiss knife to measure environnemental data.
  • Red LED
  • 1K resistor (Brown, Black, Red)
  • 10K resistor (Brown, Black, Orange)
  • 22K resistor (Red, Red, Orange)
  • 4.7K resistor (Yellow, Violet, Red)
  • 10K linear pot to produce analog voltage.
  • Magnetic Contact which works like a switch, this type of device is mostly used to detect door and shelve openning.
  • Switch for breadboard.
  • A tactile 6mm switch for breadboard (idenitical to thoses ones)
  • PIR sensor is an infrared sensor widely used in alarm systems. It is used to detect movements near of the sensor.
  • TMP36 is used to measure the temperature.
  • PHOTO-RESISTOR can roughly measure the lightning situation (it is dark or luminous) but this can be enough in manu situations.
  • A large breadboard to ease prototyping.
  • A set of prototyping wires (similar to the linked product)
  • DS18B20 kit to measure the temperature with OneWire protocol. This digital sensor is very cheap and appreciated by the maker and professionnal. This sensor is also well known under water-proof form.
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