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Infrared Proximity / Movement sensor


Motion detector/ Infrared proximity type PIR

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Detect moves around with this PIR proximity sensor

PIR sensors are used by humanoid robots/animals to perform motion detection. The detection distance can be up to 6 to 7 meters.
The PIR sensors is typically the technology used for motion detection implemented in alarm systems.

This sensor has an adjustable delay before signaling the event (approximately 0.3 to 18 seconds), an adjustable sensitivity and we have included a 30 cm cable including connector. It is thus possible to easily adjust or reposition the sensor on your mount. You can also use the two fixing holes available on the sensor card. 

Can be powered with a voltage of 5V to 16V. If you are already using a 3V mount, you can also bypass the sensor voltage regulator (but this will require some welding).

Technical details

  • The output is digital (up/down) at 3.3V.
  • The range of detection is from 6 to 7 meters maximum (with a cone of 120 degrees)
  • Length: 24.03mm
  • Width: 32.34mm
  • Distance between fixing holes: 28mm
  • Fixing holes (screw diameter): 2mm
  • Height (with lens): 24.66mm
  • Weight: 5.87g



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