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12V 50:1 geabox motor - 6mm D Shaft- 37D - metalic gear


12V Motor - gearbox 50:1 - 6mm D shaft - metalic gears - 37Dx54L

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Here is a powerful brush DC motor with a gearbox ratio of 102.083:1. This motor holds a metalic gearbox and can work up to 12V. Le shaft does make 15mm in length and diameter 6mm (it is a D-shaft).

The main specifications are:

  • 12V
  • 100 RPM and 300mA without load
  • 156.90 N-cm (16 Kg-cm)
  • A stall current of 5A.
  • Weight: 188gr

This motor is used to work with a 12v power supply. Thank to the gearbox it can also rotate with lower voltages (it start to rotate with a voltage of 1V).
Do not use over-voltage with this motor, this would imply a greater current which may reduce the time of operation of the motor. Significant higher voltage may also burn the coils of the motor..

Blocking the shaft or overload the motor will also have an important impact on its timelife. Blocking the shaft may even damage immediately the motor (the thermal damage due to the stall current of 5 amp mais damage the brush within a second).

You can fix this motor with the 37D motor holder, you may also find our 6mm ShaftHub very useful to create various kinf of coupling.

Gearbox ratio

The exact ration is = (25 x30 x 28 x 30) / (10 x 10 x 12 x x 12 x 12) = 102.083:1

Assembly warning

Take a great care when using your screw within the gearbox! If it goes too far (do not exeed 3mm long) then it will bend the gear. Do not use screw having more than 3mm in length.


For each order, you will receive one motor. The wheel, motor holder and other items are not included.


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