Micro moteur 75:1 HP - engrenage métal
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Motor 12V 50:1 - axis 6mm D - 37D - metal gear

12V Motor - 50:1 reducer - 6mm D axis - metal gear - 37Dx54L

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12V Motor - metal gearbox 50:1 - 37Dx50L

This reduction motor is a powerful continuous brush motor with a ratio of 18.75:1. This motor equipped with a reduction box with metal gear is intended to operate at 12 V. This element has an axis of 15mm long and 6 mm in diameter (with flat, said D-Axis).

The main specifications of this motor are:

  • 12V
  • 200 RPM and 300mA empty
  • 120.04 N-cm (12 Kg-cm)
  • A blocking current of 5A.
  • Weight: 188gr

Although this motor is intended to be used at 12V, this type of motor can also operate with a voltage lower or higher than the nominal voltage (it even starts to run from a voltage of 1V).
Keep in mind that running the motor over-voltage will significantly affect its service life.

Blocking or overloading the motor can shorten its life and even cause immediate damage. Blocking current can create thermal damage to the motor (collector and brushes) ... it doesn't really take more than a second to create thermal damage.

You can fix this motor using the 37D motor support, you can also use a 6mm AxeHub to facilitate the mounting of a coupling.

Reduction ratio

Exact ratio = (25 x30 x 25 x 40) / (10 x 10 x 15 x 10) = 50:1

Motor power

It is difficult to classify these motors in one of the LP (Low Power), MP (Medium Power) or HP (High Power) ranges.

In fact, the motor current depends directly on the load it has to move.
When empty, it consumes 300mA (therefore LP). If the load is high, the current can reach 5A in blocked situation and here we go beyond the HP stage.

The only way to assess the current used by the motor is to "measure this current in situation" with an ammeter.

A general recommendation is not to use a continuous motor at 100% of its capacity (blocking current) but to stay below 75% of capacity.

Mounting caution

Be careful not to screw the fixing screws too far into the gearbox ... you could bend the gears. We recommend that you don't use a screw longer than 3mm.


This product contains only one motor. The wheel and the motor support are not included (just for information).


You can easily mount this motor on your project. To control it, you will need a suitable control electronics corresponding to the power of the motor used. Here are some tutorials ...

See also our Wiki because other tutorials will be added soon.

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