Kit CANSAT with Raspberry-Pi Pico (MicroPython & Arduino)
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Kit CANSAT with Raspberry-Pi Pico (MicroPython)

Kit Cansat EU

  • based on official Raspberry-Pi Pico
    • MicroPython (default)
    • C++ (future implementation)
  • With card box  + sticker label (customisable)
  • With description sheet
  • Online documentation
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CanSat MicroPython kit - Raspberry-Pi Pico and python programming

If you do not know the Cansat Challenge (scholar event) then you can find more information on the Cansat officiel website at .

At MCHobby, we are big fans of MicroPython since its early beginning. MicroPython is Python on microcontroller - do not confuse with CiruitPython... a commercial open/source derivative of MicroPython.

MicroPython is an OpenSource project running on many platforms including the super-powerful Raspberry-Pi Pico (the RP2040 microcontroller propelled by dual core).

This kit is designed by an enthusiast of OpenSource, electronics, MicroPython/python and documentation. This kit brings many features:

  • A full fledge documentation: freely available on the MCHobby wiki!
    Guides the user step-by-step in the kit usage and all the necessary component to complete the first mission..
  • Pre-assembled kit: surface mount elements are pre-assembled and tested.
  • Various configuration: designed for flat on the desk test/development then assembled into a can (thanks to the ribon!)
  • Qwiic/StemmaQT connector: quick I2C connection for sensor/breakout (produced by Adafruit Industries and SparkFun).
  • Lipo charge/discharge battery: so completely autonomous.
  • Sensors included: everything needed to complete the mission 1 (pressure/temperature) and radio modules.
  • Radio Receiver station kit: with the second pico + radio module (assemble and program them to create the receiver station).
  • Cansat microcontroler board: the remaining space available is re-used as a prototyping area.
  • Cansat prototyping board: the kit contains a prototyping board with a very wide prototyping area. It replicates all the pico signals. You just need to add your components on the board.

Thanks to the ribbon, you can lay down the board on the desk for developpement and testing (still by having the ribbon connected) and then assemble the Can when needed. You can use a ribbon of different length as needed for your cansat project, with a less higher cansat prototype, you can have more space for your technical stuff (on top or bottom of the can).!

As designed, the kit can have intermediate levels... this can be quite useful for high density electronic project.

Do not hesitate to read the hardware description page for more information.


  • 2x Official Raspberry-Pi Pico
    • RP2040 processor - dual core @ 133 Mhz
    • 2 Mio of Flash
    • 264 Kio of RAM
    • File system stored in Flash
  • 1x USB A/MicroB cable, 1m
  • 1x Half-size Breadboard
  • 1x Breadboard wire (Assortiment +  Extra)
  • 1x Cansat development board for Pico (one of the two Picos should be soldered onto it)
  • 1x Cansat Prototyping board for Pico
  • 1x FPC ribon for board to board connection (100mm)
  • 1x Accu Lipo - 3.7v 1300mAh
  • 1x PowerBoost 500 charger
  • 1x JST-SH  Fast connexion wire - 100mm - Qwiic / StemmaQt compatible
  • 1x BMP280 barometric, temperature, altitude sensor - 3.3 & 5V
  • 1x TMP36 - analog temperature sensor
  • 2x Breakout RFM69HCW - radio Transponder -  433 MHz - RadioFruit
  • 1x Various component:
    • 1 x 220 Ohms Resistance
    • 1 x 10 Kohms Resistance
    • 2 x LED rouge
    • 1 x LED verte
    • 3 x 1 KOhms Resistance

The spacers between the boards are not included. You can build/print your own ones the the required height you need.

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