Fils pour Breadboard (Assortiment + Extra)
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Prototyping wire for Breadboard (Assortment + Extra)

Assortment of BreadBoard wires Female-Female 300mm and 75 mm + Long PinHeader

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Assortment of multifunctional prototyping wires

Except the extra soft BreadBoard wires we already proposed, here is a really practical and well thought out assortment of wires.

If at first the female/female connectors may seem a relatively unattractive assortment but equipped with the proposed long pinHeader, this assortment becomes almost inevitable.

To begin, it contains 75mm connecting wires, ideal for close connections but also 300mm connecting wires to connect more distant components.

Female/female connectors allow direct connections of components, breakout board or sensors exposing pinHeader (male connectors).

Then, we propose a series of long type pinHeader. A undeniable advantage because thanks to this LONG pin-Headers, you will be able to transform one female connector (or both) into a male connector.

Equipped with a PinHeader, it will be possible (for example):

  • To connect a male sensor to an Arduino (female)
  • Connect two Arduino sets (female to female) to test the serial communication.
  • Connect a wire directly to the breadboard (the LONG pinHeader are very convenient in this case).
  • Get a longer cable (30,60,90cm) by inserting long pinHeader between two sets female/female cable.


  • The long type pinHeader are practical in countless cases.
  • The end pieces are square and calibrated for the 2.54mm spacing breadboard or perfboard (ideal for prototyping, compatible with Arduino connectors)


  • 20 connectors of 75mm female/female.
  • V2: 20 connectors of 300mm female/female (in place of 15).
  • 3 sections of 16 EXTRA LONG pinHeader.
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