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Plaque d'extension pour Romi


Plaque d'extension pour robot Romi

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A plateform to add a new level sensor and component on your Romi plateform

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This Romi Chassis accessory offers a convenient way to expand your Romi robot vertically by adding new tiers. The expansion plate has the same diameter as the base plate, but we made it only a half circle to give you more expansion options. For example, when used as part of the Romi robot arm kit, it supports the arm in the back while leaving the front half of the Romi open. For a full-sized expansion platform, just combine two expansion plates. A mixture of mounting holes and slots give you the flexibility to mount components in a variety of orientations almost anywhere on the plate.

The abundance of mounting holes and slots that cover the plate match the pattern used on the Romi chassis base plate and are intended for various sizes of screws (not included) such as M2, and M3 screws. The plate also features several slots for passing wires through to make your electrical connections.

The expansion plate is a half circle with the same diameter as the base plate, and it can be installed over either the front or rear half of the Romi chassis using appropriately sized standoffs (see below for more information):

créer un deuxième niveau sur Romixx

Two expansion plates can be combined to make a full-sized expansion platform. Side-facing holes in the plate wall make it possible to lock them together with either #2, #4, M2, or M3 screws and nuts for increased stability, as shown in the left picture below. It is even possible to have multiple levels.

Créer plusieurs niveaux sur un robot Romi

Installing the expansion plate

Point de montage de la plaque d'extension

This information is also available in this PDF document (Pololu, English).


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