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PiGrrl Zero Gamepad PCB



Custom GamePad Card for 6mm touch button 

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Create your own GamedPad with this PCB ready to plug buttons

GamePad card (game controller), originally planned for the project PiGRRL Zero but also suitable for many other applications/projects!

This card can drastically reduce mounting/assembly operations to achieve your projects of retro-gaming or basic control pad. If you want to realize the project PiGRRL Zero then this card is the one corresponding to the case that you can print on a 3D printer. 

You will just need to weld 6mm touch buttons (like these) and connect this card to your project with a little wire.

Delivered by the piece, you will need two cards to carry out the project PiGRRL Zero! See Adafruit's PiGrrl Zero tutorial (English) for details, schematics, files, etc 

How to use it

The card has two ground pins marked G to which you connect... the ground (GND).
When the user presses the push button, pin B1 (or B2,B3,B4) is then grounded.
This card is therefore used with digital inputs equipped with pull-up resistor (internal or external) that keep the input level high (+3.3v or 5v), the input will be at the low level (ground/GND) when the user will press the button. 

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 45.1mm x 28.7mm x 1.7mm
  • Weight:4.3g



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