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Triple Breadboard + mount


Triple Breadboard - 2420 points.

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A extra size breadboard to work on your projects

The half-size breadboard and large size breadboard large are perfect to discover electronic but you may rapidely wish more space on your breadboard as the projets gets larger. If the double breadoard is not enough then this product offer a tripe large breadboard with power rails.

The whole things are assembled on a rigid PVC support allowing comfortable usage. The PVC support did have 4 connexions points (banana + to screw) to ease the wiring if the ground and 2 or 3 power supply voltages (Va, Vb and Vc). 

Even if this breadboard is more bulky than other breadboard, you will rapidely love it.

Technical details

  • 2420 points
  • triple breadboard large
  • 4 power distribution rails (masse & vcc) + perpendicular rail
  • 4 power connexions (banana and screwable)
  • Max current: 3A
  • Max voltage: 30V
  • dimension: 19cm x 24.5cm
  • poids: 490gr


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