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Double Breadboard + mount


Double Breadboard - 1680 points.

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A breadboard to work with comfort on your projects

The half-size breadboard and large size breadboard large are perfect to discover electronic but you may rapidely wish more space on your breadboard as the projets gets larger. This product offer a double large breadboard with prower rails.

The whole things are assembled on a rigid PVC support allowing comfortable usage. The PVC support did have 3 connexions points (banana + to screw) to ease the wiring if the ground and 2 power supply voltages (Va and Vb). 

Even if this breadboard is more bulky than other breadboard, you will rapidely love it.

Technical details

  • 1680 points (inox contact)
  • double breadboard large
  • 4 power distribution rails (masse & vcc)
  • 3 power connexions (banana and screwable)
  • Max current: 3A
  • Max voltage: 30v
  • dimension: 15cm x 22cm
  • poids: 360gr


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