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Adhesive Copper Ribbon - 25m - 5mm width


Adhesive copper ribbon (single side)

  • Width: 5mm
  • Length: 25m

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Create tactile interface over larger distance or innovative interface with adhesive copper ribbon

This ribbon would be quite useful to create connections in many situation. It would offer the best in touch based application and can also be used with the bare conductive paint.

This is a perfect companion for Micro:Bit and CircuitPlayground learning plateform. As the electric resistor of copper is very low, this copper ribbon can be used to transport electricity (ou make capacitive sensor) on a distance quite larger distance than with conductive paint (a good add-on for the toolbox).
This ribon is adhesive, so you can use it over a large variety of surfaces. Great to create neat finished project.  

This ribbon can also be used for general electronic purpose, It will be great to create low power distribution rail (for ground and +VCC), EMI connection/build-up or makes wiring in very exotic situations like cosplay, animatronic, art-design, ....

As this ribbon is made with copper, you can use the iron and stain to maje electrical connexion. This is very handy to assemble electroluminescent wire sections (ELWire)


For each oder, you will receive a spool with 25m of ahesive copper. 5mm de large.


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