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1m flat cable, 16 wire, splittable (22AWG) View larger

1m flat cable, 16 wire, splittable (22AWG)


  • 4 gray wire - 1 wire with red line
  • Splittable
  • 22AWG / 0.48mm²
  • Ribbon thickness: 1.52mm
  • Minimm quantity: 1m
  • Wire spacing: 2.54mm
  • 50V max

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Gray flat cable for your wiring on sensor, servo motor, stepper, etc

Need some wires to finish up your project? Would you need 2, 3, 4 wires? Would you need 10, 50 cm, 1m or more ? No problem, you are on the right product.

This ribbon, avaibale in one meter or more, contains 4 wires easy to split and has 0.48mm² of section (22 AWG). Such section can be used to carry impressive power, enough to propel motors.
As you have a meter (or more) under the hand, you can cut the length to the needed length, NO WASTE.

To strip the cable, you can use a srtiping tool on the 22awg size. 22 AWG is a ticker than prototyping wire (which are very thin), so the power and voltage lost are very small since the wire resitor-per-meter is lower.

The strong points:

  • Available in a single length (no waste, can be separated with scissor).
  • Easy to split from 1 to 4 wires.
  • Section: ~22AWG.
  • Keyed with red line.
  • 50 V max
  • Insulation PVC (semi-flexible)
  • Multi-core (7x30AWG), stained copper


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