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Shield Color TFT for LOLIN Wemos - 128 x 128 - 1.44"


  • TFT 128×128 pixels
  • 18 bits colors (262144 color)
  • 1.44"
  • Shield for Wemos D1 + Breakout 8 pins + SH1.0 10 pins
  • Interface SPI
  • Version: v1.0.0

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1.4" color TFT shield for Wemos D1 and 3.3V microcontroller

Here is this TFT, you have a TFT 128 x 128 pixels in 18bit color (262144 colors) for your Wemos D1 or other 3.3V microcontroller. Indeed, this display has a triple connection interface:

  • Wemos Shield - to connect the screen to a Wemos D1 mini or Wemos D1 mini pro.
  • Breakout - an 8-pin connector for connecting this screen to a microcontroller of your choice.
  • SH1.0 10-pole - which allows you to easily connect this screen using a 10-pin connector, connector exposed on the LOLIN D32 or on the Wemos TFT&I2C shield.

With this TFT based on the ST7735S driver, you have a display surface of 128x128 pixels allowing to display a status, text or icons, etc.

The shield works at 3.3v and uses a SPI bus (see diagram) with additional pins configured as follows (but reconfigurable using jumpers):

  • TFT_RST on RST,
  • TFT_DC on D3,
  • TFT_CS on D4,
  • TFT_LED (not assigned but allows to deactivate the LCD)

As mentioned on the Wiki by Wemos, this shield uses the Adafruit ST7735 driver as well as the Adafruit GFX library (see the resource section below).


The TFT screen + pre-welded Wemos connector + a section of male connectors if you want to use the LCD breakout port.



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