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EUROCARD Prototyping board - 100 x 160mm - 3 holes


  • EuroCard (prototyping board)
  • 100 x 160mm
  • 3 holes island

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Here is a prototyping board designed for general purpose. Experienced makers would also appreciate this kind of board.
Very close of the VeroBoard model,  The plate is made of parallel tracks sliced in 3 holes islands. This would allow you to compose/wire very complex networks... however this would require more concentration when wiring (to avoids accidental error).

Working with this board is a bit différent than PermaProto (where PermaProto allows you to transpose your breadboard content toward the PermaProto). With the EuroCard, it will be necessary to reengineer the wiring when moving components to EuroCard.
On the other hand, you have a bigger prototyping area on the EuroCard.

We did choose the 3 holes island card because it is more convenient to make connection and not too much to work with efficiency (otherwise you would have to cut the traces too often).

The EuroCard also have pads to connect a eurodin compatible connector.

Tips and trick: Once finished, we recommend to use a protective varnish spray to protect your board (avoiding the copper oxidation).

Technical details

  • Trace with 3 holes islands
  • Single side board (Epoxy, 1.6mm thickness, copper)
  • Holes diameter: 1.05mm
  • Size: 160 x 100mm
  • Compatible with Eurodin DIN41617 and DIN41612


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