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P2N2222AG NPN Transistors


4* P2N2222AG NPN transistors

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P2N2222AG: the most used transistor in the Maker area

The P2N2222AG NPN transistor is probably one of the most widely used transistors in electronic assemblies. It is capable of switching a current of 0.6A (600 mA) which allows it to be used in medium power assemblies.

It will be very useful for controlling a relay, a solenoid, an electric motor for hobbyists, a set of LEDs, ... In short, anything that consumes more than the standard 10mA recommended on an Arduino output.

Technical details

  • Category: Bipolar, low signal
  • Vce Max: 40V (Collector Emiter Voltage)
  • Max collector current: 0.6A DC
  • Tension Vbe Max: 6V (Base-Emetteur Max)
  • Freq Max : 300MHz
  • Gamme de température : -55°C à 150°C
  • Nbre de broches : 3
  • Hauteur : 5.33mm
  • Longueur : 5.2mm
  • Largeur : 4.19mm
  • TO-92
  • Type : NPN

More information on the P2N2222AG Datasheet


The NPN transistor is used in many electronic assemblies. MC Hobby has a few articles on the use of an NPN P2N2222AG.


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