100gr - ThermoPlastique Polymorphe
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100gr - Polymorphic ThermoPlastic

Biodegradable Polymorphic ThermoPlastic 100g

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Polymorphic thermo plastic - modeling part with some heat

Here is "a tool" that will quickly become your DIY Swiss Army knife. Polymorphic thermo plastic is like plasticine but for plastic :-). It becomes malleable around 60°C-75°C (therefore not too hot, even 90°C) and regains its characteristics specific to plastic (like nylon) as soon as it returns to ambient temperature.

To work with thermo plastic, you need either water (at +60°C) or a hair dryer and the "iron" will suddenly become your best friend (to be used with parchment paper otherwise the lady will cry). Polymorphic plastic can be cut, sawed, machined, sanded, drilled (at low speed to avoid heating up to 60°C by friction).

Finally, polymorphic plastic is biodegradable, doesn't contain any hazardous material and can be reused (remelted) over and over again.


You can use polymorphic plastic to perform the following tasks:

  • Perform repairs
  • Make models
  • Prototyping
  • Make your own shapes (see tutorial)
  • Wear improvements (ex: making handles, pliers, holding or input system).
  • Educational experimentation (study of the transition temperature).
  • Academic achievement


Each bag contains 100gr of polymorphic plastic (manufacturer's packaging). We recommend a purchase of 200 to 300gr to be able to work with more comfortable quantities.