Heat-shrink sleeve set
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Heat-shrink sleeve set

Assortment of 3 heat-shrink sleeve

  • Diameters 1.6 - 2.4 - 4.8mm 
  • Various colors
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Heat-srink sleeve 2.4, 3 & 4.8mm for electronic assemblies

The heat-shrink sheath, "thermo sheath" for short, is this funny flexible plastic tube which shrinks definitively when heated. Practical, it protects your welds, connections using a simple hair dryer, lighter flame or soldering iron.
By shrinking enough, the thermo sheath can even seal your connection (useful for increasing the range of an extension cord). The most difficult thing is not to forget to slip the end of the thermo sheath before soldering the wires together ;-)

Once heated, the thermoretractable sleeve will have its diameter reduced to the half size.

Usage of the various diameters:

  • 2.4mm : the connection of small wire sections such as stepper motor, sensors, pin-header insulation, etc. Pratical example here
  • 3mm : More suitable for larger diameter wire (0.3-0.5mm to 0.75mm square, maybe even 1.5mm square).
    Suitable for more powerful motors and solenoids, extending the wiring of an existing sensor (where it is preferable to use a slightly larger cable to avoid voltage drops).
  • 4.8mm : Allows you to use them with significantly larger wire diameters... or ensure the tightness of a connection (eg: mouse wire) or the grouping of several wires near a connector. Pratical example here (near of the Molex connector)

In short, the thermos are to the handyman in electronics what the screwdriver is to the electrician... once tested, difficult to do without!


This assortment offers 3 different diameter: 2.4mm, 3mm, 4.8mm.
Multiple color usage: red, blue, green, white and traditionnal black (random color)