HT0440 Mosfet Driver - N Channel - High Side
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HT0440 Mosfet Driver - N Channel - High Side

HT0440 Mosfet Driver

  • N Channel - High Side
  • +/-400V input to output isolation
  • +/-700V isolation between outputs
  • No external voltage supply required
  • Dual isolated output drivers
  • Option of internal or external clock
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Dual High voltage - High Side - isolated voltage controler

The Supertex HT0440 is a dual, high voltage, HIGH-SIDE isolated MOSFET driver. It is designed to drive MOSFETs configured in bidirectional or unidirectional switches. This driver can driver Mosfet in negative or positive voltage range (see application notes).

The driver is designed to work at higher voltage since it works on the high-side (between the "+" power supply and the load). It is not designed to provides buffy current to drive the mosfet, this is way the typical applications are oriented to telecommunication, audio, modem.

It can drive N-channel MOSFETs as high-side switches up to 400V! The HT0440 generates two independent DC isolated voltages to the outputs, VoutA and VourB when logic inputs A and B are at logic high.

The internal clock of the HT0440 can be disabled by applying an external clock signal to the CLK pin. Using external clock will offers control over power dissipation and AC characteristics. The CLK pin should be connected to ground when not in use.

The HT0440 does not require any external power supplies, the internal supply voltage is supplied by either of the two logic inputs, A or B, when they are at logic high.

Read the technical notes to discover all the possibilities of this driver (amazing!)


  • Telecommunications
  • Modems
  • Solid state relays
  • High side switches
  • High end audio switches
  • Avionics
  • ATE

Technical detail

  • Driven configuration: High-Side    
  • Channel Type: Synchronous
  • Number of Drivers: 2    
  • Gate Type: N-Channel MOSFET
  • Voltage Supply: 3.15V ~ 5.5V
  • Logic Voltage: VIL,VIH=0.5V, 3.15V
  • Current Peak Output (Source, Sink): -
  • Input Type: Non-Inverting
  • High Side Voltage - Max (Bootstrap): 400V
  • Rise/Fall Time (Typ): 650µs, 3ms (Max)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
  • Mounting Type: Surface Mount
  • Package: 8-SOIC (3.90mm Width)
  • Datasheet HT0440
  • HT04 Series application notes (AN-D26.PDF, MicroChip)