Mosfet Driver - P & N Channel - High frequency / High power app
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Mosfet Driver - P & N Channel - High frequency / High power app

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MosFet Driver IX4428 -  most common usage  le plus répandu

In the Maker world, it is quite common to drive a mosfet directly from an Arduino pin (so with 5V). However, it is also a common error because the Arduino GPIO cannot provide enough current to load the gate and get an instantaneous commutation. The consequence is a slower commutation making the mosfet dissipating more heat.

To get an efficient commutation on mosfet, the driver must be able to provide a large quantity of current (the order of the ampere) during a very short time (in nano-secondes).
This high current loads the gate pretty fast and the Mosfet also goes to commutation state pretty fast. As result the Mosfet state doesn't stay a long time in the transitional zone then it heat quite less.

Efficiently driving a mosfet is the job of a MosFet Driver like the IX4428 (whe have use it in the Plancha-CMS project).

The current is not the only critical parameter, a higher gate voltage (12V) will also improve the commutation performance of a MosFet. This IX4428 driver can be controled with a low voltage (HIGH level starts at 2.4V) whereas the IX4428 can use a voltage 4.5 to 30V to control the gate. Using 12V is a great starting point to drive the gate (12V is a very common voltage).

This product is available under SOIC-8 package. You can make it breadboard friendly with an SOIC breakout.

Technical detail

  • Driven Configuration: Low-Side    
  • Number of Drivers: 2
  • Gate Type: N-Channel, P-Channel MOSFET
  • Voltage Supply : 4.5V ~ 30V
  • Logic Voltage: VIL, VIH = 0.8V, 2.4V
  • Current-Peak Output (Source, Sink): 1.5A, 1.5A
  • Input Type: Inverting, Non-Inverting
  • Rise/Fall Time (Typ): 10ns, 8ns
  • Temperature: -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
  • Mounting: Surface Mount
  • Package: 8-SOIC (3.90mm Width)
  • Datasheet IX4428


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