Data logging shield v1.0
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[T] - Data logging shield v1.1 - Assemblé

Data logging with date and time for Arduino. Shield pre-assembled.

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Capture your data with Arduino and store them

Here is a handy shield for Arduino: there are many people looking for a well-designed data logging kit. AdaFruit has worked hard on this point to design such an affordable element while being well developed. Not only is it pre-assembled but it is also provided with a nice documentation of AdaFruit (English) and a library to facilitate developments. 

You'll be productive quickly, saving data in files on any FAT16 or FAT32 formatted SD card, ready to read to design graphics, spreadsheets or digest these files with analysis software. 
AdaFruit also offers a tutorial explaining how to use two free software to turn your data into graphics (English)

This shield includes a Real Time Clock that allows you to date your data with the current time. So, you know exactly what happened and when!

Warning: this shield is supplied without Arduino (you need one to use this shield) and without SD card. It is supplied with a battery for the Real Time Clock.
This kit comes assembled and tested, only the pinHeader (that you can replace with a stacking header) has yet to be welded by you. You need a minimum of welding knowledge. Even with a minimum of experience, this shield should be ready in 15 minutes.

This new revision B version can be used with :

  • Arduino UNO or compatible ATmega328 - 4 analog channels available (10-bit resolution), 6 if the RTC clock isn't used
  • Arduino Leonardo or compatible ATmega32u4 - 12 analog channels available (10-bit resolution)
  • Arduino Mega R3 or compatible ATmega2560 - 16 analog channels available (10-bit resolution)
  • Arduino Zero or compatible ATSAMD21 - 6 analog inputs available (12-bit resolution)
  • Arduino Due - 12-pin analog (12-bit resolution)


  • The SD card interface works with cards formatted in FAT16 or FAT32. Voltage matching circuitry at 3.3V protects your SD card from damage. 
  • The Real Time Clock (RTC) keeps time even when your Arduino is unplugged. The battery is sufficient for several years.
  • Includes libraries and code samples to manipulate the SD card and real time clock so you can become productive quickly (produced by AdaFruit, in English).
  • A prototyping area to weld connectors, components or sensors.
  • A 3.3V voltage regulator serves both as a reliable voltage reference and to reliably operate SD cards requiring a lot of power. 
  • Works with an Arduino UNO, Duemilanove, Diecimila, Leonardo. Hacking required for ADK/Mega R3 or higher. Attention: ADK/Mega R2 or lower are not supported.


  • Dimensions (assembled): 70mm x 53mm x 17mm
  • The SD card protrudes 10mm after insertion
  • Weight: 22g


As stated on the AdaFruit website, the tutorials still refer to the kit version which works identically. This information will be updated soon.


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