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[T] - Prototyping shield WITH TERMINAL BLOCK for Arduino



Prototyping shield with terminal block for Arduino. Also known as screwshied

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Facilitate Arduino connections with a shield with terminal blocks

The next generation of prototyping shields for Arduino has arrived! This shield has several objectives:

  • Firstly, it offers a large prototyping surface with an impaction of 2.54mm.
  • Then it extends the Arduino pins and makes them accessible in a secure, reliable and robust way thanks to its screw terminal block.
  • It offers a few bonus terminals making additional GND available as well as 4 terminals free to use (w, x, y, z) to connect what you want!

This shield is designed to be stackable. You can place it under another shield and keep easy access to the different analog and digital inputs/outputs of your Arduino. The shield can be stacked below or on top of other shields.


  • A very large high quality PCB, specially chosen for its excellent resistance to welding/desoldering operations (essential for a prototyping board)
  • A beautiful prototyping space including voltage distribution rails (ground and 5V)
  • A diffuse green LED (to indicate power-up) and an extra red LED usable according to the user's wishes (we nevertheless suggest connecting it to pin 13)
  • A "Reset" button placed to remain accessible!
  • Stackable female connector 6 pins stacky (2 pieces)
  • Stackable female connector 8 pins stacky (2 pieces)
  • Lots of 3.5mm terminal blocks to fill the 36 available terminal block locations.

Delivered in kit. You will need a soldering iron, a diagonal cutter to assemble this kit but it is an easy to assemble kit (this should take less than 30 minutes).

Note: this article contains only the elements of the wingshield, it doesn't contain the Arduino, nor other shields and assemblies visible on the images of demonstrations.



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