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4 mecanum wheel kit, 80mm


4 wheels Mecanum kit - Omnidirectional robot.

  • 80mm
  • 2x right wheels
  • 2x left wheels

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Kit of 4 Mecanum wheel of 80mm

Kit of 4 Mecanum wheels (80mm): two left-handed wheels and two right-handed wheels. Please pay attention to the L and R noted on the back of the wheel when installing.

Why using the Mecanum wheel on your robot? The Mecanum wheels are omnidirectional wheel designed to move in any directions: straight, obliquely, horizontally, S-line, and rotate at any angle with zero radius.

A great wheel to create a vehicle to move in any direction even in tight space.
This kind of wheel can move stably and flexibly with low noise.

The Mecanum wheel has a diameter of 80mm and is composed of 9 small rollers that are made of plastic and coated with quality and high-friction silicone rubber.

Technical details

  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Thickness: 37.5mm
  • Hex Hole: 7*7*7mm
  • Number of Rollers: 9
  • Angle: 45°
  • Load Capacity: 10 kg
  • Color: yellow
  • Material: plastic + silicone rubber
  • 97gr/wheel


For eah order, you will receives

  • 2x Mecanum Wheel Right (80mm)
  • 2x Mecanum Wheel Left (80mm)


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