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[RETIRED] Pi Desktop for Raspberry-Pi


[RETIRED] Motherboard and case to transform your Raspberry-Pi in a desktop computer.

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Pi Desktop is an innovative set of accessories  to convert your Raspberry-Pi in a Linux desktop computer, a computer enclosed within an elegant case with a very nice design.

Add a Raspberry-Pi and the Pi Desktop will offer all the functionalities that you would expect from a desktop computer. With the Pi-Desktop you will:

The results: a efficient and simple solution for our Raspberry-Pi, all in a stylish case. Create your nano linux desktop computer un few minutes.
This solution allows poeple to get rid of unordered câbles all around the Raspberry-Pi motherboard such kind of connection hell that limit your choices when selecting your péruphérals.

As with all the Raspberry-Pi, you can still connect the Pi-Desktop on a HDMI display.


For each order, you will receive a Pi-Desktop kit containing the following items:

  • The Pi-Desktop extension board including the mSata controler + power controler + real time clock.
  • The case
  • A heat sink
  • An USB adapter (micro B)
  • The RTC
  • The needed screw.

Raspberry-Pi, SD card, poser supply, mSata SSD disk not included



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