FONA 808 - mini GSM + GPS module - µFl
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[RETIRE] FONA 808 - mini GSM + GPS module - µFl

[RETIRE] GSM + GPS breakout board - SIM808 for mobile network (Adafruit 2542)

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Deprecated: 2G Mobile network are obsolete now.


Here is a GSM module + GPS tracking, all in one? Here is the Adafruit FONA 808 MiniGSM + GPS, an all-in-one cellular phone module. With the Fona 808, you can add location-tracking, voice, text, data and SMS to your project with this nice module enclosed insite a little package.

This module measures only 4.45 x 4.06 cm but includes a surprising amount of technology into it's little frame. The heart is powered by a powerful GSM cellular module (Adafruit uses the latest SIM808) with integrated GPS. This module can do just about everything.

Here is the specifications for the GSM module

  • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz - connect onto any GSM network with any 2G SIM
  • Fully-integrated GPS (MT3337 chipset with -165 dBm tracking sensitivity) that can be controlled and query over the same serial port
  • Support voice calls (send and receive) using a headset or an external 32Ω speaker + electret microphone
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.) - send et receive
  • PWM/Buzzer vibrational motor control
  • AT command interface with "auto baud" detection

Here is the GPS specifications:

  • 22 tracking / 66 acquisition channels
  • GPS L1 C/A code
  • Sensitivity: Tracking: -165 dBm, Cold starts : -147 dBm
  • Time-To-First-Fix: Cold starts: 32s (typ.), Hot starts: 1s (typ.), Warm starts: 5s (typ.)
  • Accuracy: ~2.5 meters

It is nice module on a small breakout. Here some extra you would need to make your next projet shine:

  • Onboard LiPoly battery charging circuitry. So your projet can take your projet on the road. Use any 500mAh+ LiPoly or LiIon battery (and recharge over the MicroUSB when necessary).
    Two LEDs let you know when its charging and done
  • Standard 4-pole TRRS headphone jack. Use any 'Android' or 'iPhone'-compatible headset with mic
  • Breakouts for the external speaker (32Ω) and electret mic. That would be fine  if you do not want want to use a headphone
  • Level shifting: you can run it with 2.8V to 5V logic.
  • A driver for vibrational motor (buzzer) to have noiseless notifications
  • uFL connections for external antennas
  • Indicator LEDs: power + network connectivity
  • Standard SIM slides (on the back of the board)

On its own, this module can not do anything. It requires a microcontroller to drive it! We recommend to use an Arduino (but any 3-5V microcontroller with a UART can send and receive commands over the RX/TX pins).

You will also need some required accessories to make FONA work. These are not included!

We do also recommend some additional accessories. They are not required but they would be welcome to help you!

  • TRRS 4-Pole Headset - Any 'iPhone' or 'Android' compatible (but not iPhone original) should work. We tried about 10 different ones, and basically the more expensive once are more comfortable and louder but our official iPhone headset mic did not work.
  • Vibrating motor - the FONA can drive it directly!
  • USB console cable - the microUSB connector is for charging only, but you can wire up a console cable for direct-connection to the module if you want to send commands from a terminal (great for testing and tweaking)

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