Raspberry-Pi ZERO V1.3 + USB kit (No WiFi)
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Raspberry-Pi ZERO V1.3 (No WiFi) with USB OTG adapter

Raspberry-Pi Zero v1.3 nano computer

  • USB-OTG adapter
  • 512Mb de Ram, 1Ghz,
  • Conn. microSD
  • Conn. Camera
  • super fin, 6.5x3 cm!
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Raspberry-Pi Zero v1.3 USB KIT (No Wifi)

This product is kit made of a Pi-Zero v1.3 (Camera connector) + USB OTG adapter (to wire a keyboard, mouse, HUB USB).

Do not confuse this with the Pi Zero Wireless

About Raspberry-Pi Zero v1.3

At first glance, the Pi Zero v1.3 doesn't look like a revolution. It just looks like a smaller, thinner, and materially lighter version of the Raspberry-Pi 2 that we know so well and love. But when you start to look at the possibilities offered, with a selection of suitable equipment, the imagination acts like fireworks and you quickly realize that ... the Pi-Zero is awesome!

The Pi-Zero 1.3 includes a camera port. This is a special camera cable, it is different from the one supplied with Pi cameras.

And look at the price, unbelievable! For us, the Raspberry-Pi has really just entered the affordable computing world. We also believe that it will quickly become an excellent platform for making smart objects! Makers and hackers will love it.

This is the most streamlined and slimmest Raspberry-Pi to date, a sort of "little cousin" of the Raspberry-Pi 2 - with just microSD support (for the operating) system, a camera connector, a mini HDMI port, two micro USB ports (one for power, one as a USB port for your peripherals) and 512 MB of RAM. The processor is the BCM2835 single core 1 GHz, similar to the Pi A + and B +.

We think the Pi Zero is a great addition for Raspberry-Pi users. Its implementation, however, requires a little more effort than for a Raspberry-Pi 2. The Pi-Zero represents enormous potential for IoT, fringuable, embedded and battery-powered projects!

Please take note that the Pi Zero board is minimalist hardware and requires some accessories to be transformed into a "computer". We recommend:

  • A quality 5V power supply - A 5V 2.5A power supply with microUSB cable, or a  5V 500mA microUSB power supply - it would allow you to power-up the Pi-Zero from the Power-Grid.
    It is not recommended to power your Pi Zero from a computer as the USB port may experience voltage drops, which cause SD card corruption!
  • A microSD to store the operating system - You must use a micro SD card (32Go recommanded) to store the operating system properling the PiZero (The 4, 8, 16 Go was very common few years before... are now almost not available on the market).
  • A Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter - would allow to convert the mini HDMI port of Pi Zero to a standard HDMI so you can wire your PiZero to a monitor / TV..
    You will be able to play HDMI video @ 1080P + HDMI audio output!
  • USB OTG adapter (included) used to connect a USB device to the Pi-Zero like a WiFi key, a keyboard, a mouse, HUB USB, etc.
  • USB console cable - when you don't want to connect the Pi through HDMI then this USB console cable would allow your computer to communicates with the Pi Zero throught USB with a terminal application.
    The USB console cable connects to the GPIO pins of your Pi Zero then you connect to the serial console launched by the operating system when it starts up.
    It is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with your Pi Zero.
  • A 2x20 male pinHeader - if you got and solder a 2x20 pinHeader connector. With this connector, you will be able to plug HAT, cobbler, console cable, etc on the Pi-Zero GPIO... as a regular Pi.
    You can also use a 2x20 female connector if you do need to make less conventional wiring.

With a little creativity, it is possible to make a multitude of interesting connections around the Pi Zero. You could, for example, manage to create a 90 ° connector to "stack" a Pi-Zero on top of a cobbler :-).

We can also recommend some additional material to make your user experience even easier and more enjoyable:


For each order, you will receive a Pi-Zero V1.3 + an OTG Adapter (microUSB to USB-A).

Other componants (carte microSD, breadboard, connnecto, adapter, camera, etc) are not included.

Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W
512 MB
CPU Frequency
1 GHz
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