TTL Serial JPEG Camera with NTSC Video
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[T] - JPEG photo sensor (serial port) + NTSC video camera

JPEG photo sensor (serial port) with NTSC video

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This photo sensor can represent an ingenious addition to your project. It was designed to be used in security systems and performs two main tasks: it produces monochrome video output (in NTCS format) and is capable of taking color image captures of this video (in color) to transmit them on a TTL serial transmission. You can capture at 640x480, 320x240 or 160x120. These JPEG images are pre-compressed, which makes them small and easy to store on an SD card.

Ideal for data logging, surveillance/security project or photography project (ex: follow the blooming of a flower).

What is particularly significant with this sensor is that it already includes all the desirable extras. For example it has a manually adjustable focus, an automatic white balance, automatic brightness adjustment and automatic contrast adjustment supported by the module and also has an integrated motion detection! This means that it can alert your project that something is moving in the frame ("frame" of the shot).

Here is an example of a photo (street shooting, AdaFruit Industrie) and  Voici un exemple de photo (prise de vue en rue, AdaFruit Industrie) et another example of a photo (indoor shooting, person, AdaFruit Industries)

Incompatible with Mega:

This module works very well with a classic Arduino Uno (and other 'duinos based on Atmega328) but it isn't yet compatible with MEGA.


Using this module is really very simple and only requires two digital pins (or a TTL serial port) - it transmits at 38400 baud by default but the baud rate can be adjusted if you need to transmit the images faster. As usual, AdaFruit Industries offers more than a simple datasheet, Adafruit has invested time in the research of this module and the DSP to create an Arduino library including sample code which shows how to change the size of the images, the image compression rate (quality), motion detection, video output flow control, etc.