Huskylens - AI vision sensor / UART, I2C - Gravity interface
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Huskylens - AI vision sensor / UART, I2C - Gravity interface

 HuskyLens - Artificial Intelligence Vision Sensor

  • Vision sensor
  • Built-in Algorithms: Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Object Recognition, Line Tracking, Color Recognition, Tag Recognition
  • 2.0 MegaPixel Camera (OV2640)
  • Display 320*240
  • Interface: I2C, UART
  • 3.3V, 5V
  • SEN0305
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HuskyLens - AI Vision - Vision module with artifical intelligence processing

Huskylens is a Vision sensor powered with AI Capable Chipset. It is a very powerful sensor to add to maker projects.
The Huskylens is AI Camera easy to use offering multiple functions, such as:

  • face recognition,
  • object tracking,
  • object recognition,
  • line tracking,
  • color recognition (color of an object),
  • tag (QR code) recognition.

Thanks to its UART and its I2C port, the HuskyLens can communicates its results with many control boards like:

  • Arduino,
  • micro:bit,
  • Raspberry Pi
  • LattePanda
  • MicroPython based board

The Huskylens help you make very creative projects without playing with complexity of AI (the functions are pre-programmed and ready to use).

How this works

Huskylens is pretty easy-to-use AI Camera. You can change various algorithms by pressing the function button.

Click the learning button, Husky lens starts learning new things. After that, HuskyLens is able to recognize them.

Additionally, HuskyLens carries a 2.0 inch display screen so user can see immediate results (no need to wire on a computer for inspection and tuning).
This immediate result is very convenience, what you see is what you get!

HuskyLens is a smart AI Camera by design. The built-in machine learning technology enables the HuskyLens to recognize faces and objects.
Moreover, by long-pressing the learning button, HuskyLens can continually learn new things even from different angles and in various ranges (more AI learns, the more accurate it is).

DFRobot Huskylens is propelled by the specialized Kendryte K210 AI chip. When running a neural network algorithm the performance of this special AI chip is 1,000 times faster than hi-power STM32H743 microcontroler. Thanks to such excellent performances, Huskylens is also capable of capturing moving objects.

HuskyLens offers a new way for a project to interact with its immediate environment. Interactive gesture control, autonomous robot, smart access control and interactive toy projects can be build with HuskyLens... there are so many new applications for you to explore.

As the Huskylens is able to track object, the feature can also be used to learn specific gestures. It is able to recognize those learned hand movement patterns and feed their positions. Creating interactive projects with such data have never so easy (remember, data is sent over serial or I2C).

Huskylens vision sensor can detect and follow lines. Line follower is not something new, there are plenty of excellent methods and algorithms in this scenario. However, most of the usual methods requires tedious parameters tuning.
HuskyLens provides a new line following method: simply click the button, then it starts learning and tracking new lines. Awesome!

Huskylens is a eyes of your robot: it can recognize you, understand your hand gesture commands, help you put stuff in order, and so on. Huskylens can help you to create really amazing vision based project, nothing is impossible!

More information on the manufacturer page.

Technical details

  • Processor: Kendryte K210
  • Image Sensor: OV2640 (2.0Megapixel Camera)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3~5.0V
  • Current Consumption (TYP): 320mA@3.3V, 230mA@5.0V (face recognition mode; 80% backlight brightness; fill light off)
  • Connection Interface: UART, I2C
  • Display: 2.0" (50mm) IPS display with 320*240 resolution
  • Built-in Algorithms:
     - Face Recognition,
     - Object Tracking,
     - Object Recognition,
     - Line Tracking,
     - Color Recognition,
     - Tag Recognition
  • Dimension: 52mm * 44.5mm


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