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5V 10A PSU bloc


Power supply 5V 10A

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15/02/2016: Our delivery includes a US cable on which we have added an EU-US adapter. However it is a US cable with grounding, all is not graceful but remains functional.

A huge of power under 5V for your power-hungry projects

Here is a robust switching power supply, ideal when you really need power! It can deliver 5V continuous up to 10 Amperes, operating on the 220V networks (the cable equipped with a standard connector figure-8 is included and allows a direct connection in a case but you can add a plug for the connection on a distribution network plug)

The output of the power supply is equipped with a 2.1mm Jack plug (positive centre). The block is also equipped with an indicator LED.

This block is ideal for people wishing to power 5V strip/ribbon of LED or full motor for CNC projects. Using a power supply such as this one is often easier than trying to modify a computer ATX block, it is also smaller, makes less noise and above all, it is ready to use! 

Technical details

  • Output: 5V and up to 10A
  • Input: 220V
  • Output cable: 110cm cable equipped with a 2.1mm Jack plug (compatible with our power adapter with terminal block)
  • Input cable: Delivered with a 112cm cable that you can connect to a board.. or add a plug to plug into a socket.
  • Body size: 14cm x 6 cm x 3.3 cm
  • Weight: 420g


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